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 Welcome to the Site of the Supreme Council 33º for Greece AASR. We are happy to have You here as an honored guest. Feel yourself at home.

A Historic Resolution: The End of a 16-Year Dispute within Greek Freemasonry

On the evening of February 23, 2024, a significant chapter in the history of Greek Freemasonry was concluded, marking the end of a protracted 16-year dispute that had lingered since 2008. This long-standing conflict over the administration of the Scottish Rite in Greece was finally resolved through the signing of an agreement that promises to usher in a new era of unity and cooperation within the fraternity.

The resolution of this dispute is emblematic of a profound commitment to the principles of brotherhood and mutual respect that are foundational to Freemasonry. The ceremony, characterized by the symbolic embrace between Emmanuel Gerakios and Evangelos Biniaris, served not only as a gesture of reconciliation but also as a powerful statement of unity that effectively put to rest the rivalries of the past.

The event took place in an atmosphere of exceptional fraternal warmth, underscored by the sharing of raki in a toast to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) and its future. This spirit of camaraderie and celebration highlights the deep bonds that unite members of the Masonic community, transcending past disagreements and paving the way for a harmonious path forward.

With the signing of this agreement, the Scottish Rite in Greece, one of the most influential Masonic bodies in the country, begins a new journey under the administration of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree of the AASR for Greece of 1872. This marks a significant milestone in the history of Greek Freemasonry, signaling a commitment to unity, peace, and the enduring values of the Masonic tradition.

The resolution of this dispute is a testament to the power of dialogue, mutual respect, and the unyielding bond of brotherhood that defines Freemasonry. It serves as a beacon of hope for the future, demonstrating that even the most enduring conflicts can be resolved through the principles of fraternity that Freemasons hold dear.

As the Scottish Rite in Greece embarks on this new chapter, the fraternity looks forward to a future of growth, unity, and continued service to the principles that have guided Freemasons for centuries. This historic resolution not only closes a chapter of discord but also opens a new page of cooperation and fraternal harmony that will benefit the AASR and the broader Masonic community in Greece for years to come.

Από τα Μεγάλα Συντάγματα του 1786


Η παγκόσμια αυτή ένωσις της οποίας ή αρχή ανάγεται εις την κοιτίδα τής ανθρώπινης κοινωνίας, είναι αγνή  ως προς τις παραδοχές και την διδασκαλία, σοφή , συνετή  και ηθική  ως προς τα διδάγματα, τις πρακτικές, τους σκοπούς και τα μέσα της. Συνιστάται κατ' εξοχήν διά τον φιλοσοφικό, κοινωνικό και φιλανθρωπικό αυτής σκοπό. Η ένωσις αυτή έχει ως σκοπόν, την Ομόνοια, την Ευημερία, την Πρόοδον και την Ευτυχία τού ανθρωπίνου γένους έν γένει, και ιδία ενός εκάστου ατόμου. Έτσι οφείλει να χρησιμοποιεί με ευστάθεια  κάθε ελπίδα και κάθε έργο ώστε να φθάσει προς εκείνον τον σκοπόν, τον όποιο μόνον άξιον εαυτής επαγγέλλεται.

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 Scales of Justice
Greece and the Mother Supreme Council of the World
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Biennial Session 2023

SGC at large, of the Mother SC of the World, SJ USA Ill. James D. Cole 33°, with our SGC Emm. Gerakios 33º

Biennial Session 2019

SGC at large, of the Mother SC of the World, SJ USA Ill. James D. Cole 33°, with our SGC Emm. Gerakios 33º and Emer. SGC S. Camalakis 33º
Past SGC at large, of the Mother SC of the World, SJ USA Ill. Ronald Seale 33°, with our SGC Emm. Gerakios 33º and Emer. SGC S. Camalakis 33º
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