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The Scottish Press in Greece: A Symbol of Masonic Resilience and Unity

The presence of the Scottish Press in Greece is long lasting, from 1872 until today, and historically significant, reflecting an uninterrupted course of devotion to the principles of Freemasonry. Undoubtedly, the Scottish Press is a pre-eminent masonic force in the country, providing an example of values and principles that stand the test of time.

However, even the staunchest of organizations are tested.

The divisive adventures experienced by the Scottish press in Greece are, unfortunately, no exception.

These disturbances, many times, are due to the interference of third parties, and their Prelates, who have nothing to do with the principles and mission of the Scottish Press. They, the Primates, although they are not entitled and forbidden to influence the inner workings and harmony of the Order, they mix directly or directly and of course completely antimasonicly

Despite the challenges, it is true that the strength and wisdom of the Scottish press is emerging over time.

The need for a unifying solution, which respects the legal rights and dignity of all members, is more urgent since when. The search for this solution is the top priority and mission of the Order.

The Scottish press in Greece remains open and willing to work towards a unifying solution. Belief in the possibility of achieving such a solution is unshakable, even if this requires a long period of time. The position and desire of the Order is clear: Unity and harmony will be achieved, ensuring that the tradition and mission of the Scottish Press will continue to be a beacon of guidance and unity for its members, both in Greece and beyond.

We hope that outside interference will cease, and as our Order does not meddle in the affairs of others, so others will understand the importance of the self-supporting Masonic Bodies that make up Freemasonry family.

Deus Meumque Jus.

* By Prof.Dr. Emmanouil Gerakios PhD

SGC for Greece.


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