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Modern Architecture
From our beginnings

KEvery member of Scottish Freemasonry is a living cell of the Order, and should take every possible care to be a worthy example of what we in Scottish Freemasonry  teach and proclaim.

Peace and harmony are the foundations of our Order.


Cfor all of us, any pursuit of honors by unworthy means is unacceptable.


Aarbitrary forces must not usurp legitimate authority, nor is it allowed to be degraded in any way.


THEOaths must not be broken, nor duties neglected.   Names and titles should have true  meaning.


Ththey should embody the promise of our faith, our promises, and should be connected with the noble   exhortation that Isaiah, the Prophet and Jesus of Nazareth alike teach:

"on earth peace, prosperity among men"


"God is love and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him."



Ait is our concern that each of our Workshops is indeed a temple of peace and unity and not the abode of self-righteousness, revenge, or strife.


Tthe High Council is convinced that charity and loving-kindness shall always be enthroned among the Pillars  of our  Laboratories  , and that they shall be dedicated to the great tolerant, generous, and liberal principles of Scottish Freemasonry.

Tthe Supreme Council is happy  for the fact that we have  established and dedicated our laboratories, to virtue and good works, where the lessons of wisdom, charity, patriotism, and moral philosophy  they are impressed as carved  and prescribed by the Universal Constitutions of the Scottish Doctrine.

The Grades of AAST
  • 1 Student

  • 2 Partner

  • 3 Teacher

  • 4 Secret Master

  • 5 Perfect Teacher

  • 6 Confidential Secretaries

  • 7 Superintendent and Judge

  • 8 Supervisor of Buildings

  • 9 Chosen Master of Nine (9)

  • 10 Elect Master of Fifteen (15)

  • 11 Supreme Chosen of the 12

  • 12 Grand Master of Architects

  • 13 Knight of the Royal Arch

  • 14 Great Elect, Perfect and Supreme Mason

  • 15 Knight of the East or of the Sword

  • 16 Prince of Jerusalem

  • 17 Knight of East and West

  • 18 Prince Rodostavros, Knight of the Eagle and the Pelican

  • 19 Great Pontiff

  • 20 Grand Master of the Symbolic Lodges

  • 21 Noahite or Prussian Knight

  • 22 Knight of the Royal Pelecanus or Prince of Lebanon

  • 23 Stage Leader

  • 24 Prince of the Tent

  • 25 Bronze Knight Ofeus

  • 26 Prince of Grace

  • 27 Knight Brigadier of the Temple

  • 28 Knight of the Sun

  • 29 Dark Knight of Saint Andrew

  • 30 Knight of Cados, Knight of the White and Black Eagle

  • 31 Grand Inspector Brigadier Judge

  • 32 Supreme Prince of the Royal Secret

  • 33 His Highness Grand Inspector General





Supreme Council 33º for Greece AASR 

Scottish House  -  Masonic Hall


Our Mailing Address-: Supreme Council 33º,  P.O.Box 8142 -

10200 Athens Greece 


Secretariat hours: 17:30 - 20:00 Monday - Friday



Grand Secretary 






Secretariat Hours: 17:30 - 20:00 Monday to Friday

Secretariat hours: 17:30 - 20:00 Mon - Fri.


Grand Secretary Tel:    +30 21 6800 4604

Supreme Council Fax:  +30 216 7001606





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