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AASR and Sports

After the latest tragic news regarding sports in Greece, we position ourselves as follows.

Philosophical freemasonry strictly opposes every form of violence in sports and promotes a non-violent way of life.

It recognizes and cultivates the virtues of sports, such as the values of reciprocity, cooperation, and fair reward.

It is obligated to spiritually uplift athletes by educating them in the principles of peace and justice. Equally important is the development of sports ethics, which should encompass aspects such as honesty, respect, and decency. Through these values, philosophical freemasonry advances sports as a means for fostering self-confidence, self-improvement, and social behavior.

In philosophical freemasonry, the Sports Secretariat was established in 2017, with Menelaos Panteleakis 33º, an Olympic shooting champion, as its president.

This creation marks a significant step towards promoting the values of philosophical freemasonry in the realm of sports and developing a responsible authority, responsible for informing and developing athletic potential through various programs and initiatives.

Menelaos Panteleakis 33º, with his experience and success, offers an ideal that aligns perfectly with the values of philosophical freemasonry and can inspire and guide athletes throughout their journey.


Emmanouil Gerakios 33º


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