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Before any competent Court and any authority in general









  • Emmanuel    63 Gerakiou tou Nikolaos, Lawyer of Athens Stournari.

  • Nikolaou Kouri, resident of Kifissia, Doiranis street no. 4

  • Athanasiou Zevkis, resident of Ymittos, Adramytiou street no. 15.

  • Spyridon      Khourmouziadis, resident of Athens, Karyatidon street no. 60.

  • Georgiou Georgi, resident of Athens, Spyrou Merkouri street

  • 36, Pagrati.

  • Athanasiou Nikolaidis, resident of Athens, Iasiou street no. 6.

  • Konstantinou Vatavalis, resident of Ag.  Paraskevi Attica,

  • El street Venizelou no. 65.

  • Alexandrou    Kyriazi,      resident   Ilium     Attica,     street

  • Velissariou no. 30.

  • Panagiotis   Koumedakou,   resident of Athens,  street  Pratinou

  • No. 38.

  • Ioannis Paschalidis, resident of Athens, Acropoleos street no. 36 - Daphne.

  • Nikolaou Papagiannidis, resident of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Kerasuntos street no. 6 or Acharnon no. 19.

  •   Andreas Papagianni, resident of Athens, Ithakis street no. 3




N  B , Lawyer, resident of Piraeus,



We were particularly surprised to learn that you have signed a text with the title extrajudicial, mentioning our names, which you are distributing by postal service, which reads as follows:


We are informed from various announcements on websites, but also from your contacts to our members, that you have formed the alleged "NEW HIGH COUNCIL" with HIGH BRIGADIER, the deleted by us RAFAEL DE SIGURA, and all of you in the various offices of this Council.

Likewise, we are informed that you are claiming to our members, whom you are trying to attract to join your "NEW ILLEGAL HYPATO", projecting to attract them, while allegedly operating it in Acharnon by us, since 1872 ANCIENT AND DISAPPOINTED PRIVATE COUNCIL SCOTTISH TYPE, it is illegal, and that your "HYPATO" is the only legal Highness and that those who join, are exempted from all membership.

Of course, our members, as free and useful, may, in accordance with the honesty that governs the Masons and the moral law, either remain in the Acharon Order, to which they are bound by promises and official assurances and which operates legally and is recognized by ' almost all the High Councils of the World, either to listen to you, who, while you formerly had an active participation in the offices of our own Canonical High Council, now pretend to have joined under the auspices of the New Highness under Raphael De Sure.

BECAUSE we consider that you must notify us in writing of your departure from our High Council and your joining and participation in the newly established so-called NEW HIGH COUNCIL, so that we can update our Members' Register.

WE REQUEST YOU to inform us in writing, within two days, of receiving this present, if you have indeed joined and are participating in the alleged new Supreme Council, otherwise and in the event that we do not receive your response, we will consider your departure confirmed and proceed to delete you from the Registers of our members.



We were more surprised to notice that you sign as the Power of Attorney of the association of persons named:


"SUB COUNCIL OF THE 33rd AND FINAL DEGREE FOR GREECE OF THE ANCIENT AND RECOGNIZED SCOTTISH TYPE", based in Athens at 19 Acharnon Street and Sourmeli, globally recognized and legally represented.


You obviously received your order from the non-existent pretending to be the management of the above association of persons.

The legal administration of the above association of persons is exercised by Rafael De Sigura and his council.

Clearly, a new Supreme Council has not been created, on the contrary Rafael De Sigura according to the statute of the association of persons, the ancient constitutions and the no. 590/2015 decision of the Supreme Court exercises with its council the legal administration of


1) Association of Persons without legal personality with the name "SUB COUNCIL OF THE 33rd DEGREE FOR GREECE OF THE ANCIENT AND RECOGNIZED SCOTTISH TYPE",

2) Association of Persons without legal personality under the name "GREAT COUNCIL OF THE 33rd FOR GREECE OF THE ANCIENT AND RECOGNIZED SCOTTISH TYPE",

based in Athens and legally represented, exactly as described in the relevant court decisions.


Your principals have already been notified of a relevant lawsuit, before the Multi-member Court of First Instance of Athens, which it would be useful to ask them to show you.

Before the above action, they have been notified out of court, with a bailiff, to each of the members of the independent council for their particular information.

After that, it should have become clear to your principals that they are not authorized to delete anyone, but neither are they entitled to perform any act of representation of the association of persons because it is NOT a legal administration.

Furthermore, we are not obliged to know anything about your principals because they are a non-existent management.

Be patient, justice will decide again.


Strongly protesting the non-existent things reported by your principals, which we deny as a whole, especially protesting the attempt to present that they allegedly constitute an administration and that Raphael de Sigura allegedly established a new High Council, but also the artful and cunning  involving the name of Nikolaos Papagiannidis as an alleged member of the Supreme Council with the obvious purpose of indirectly involving other Masonic authorities.

We call on your principals to stop immediately, to call themselves the Supreme Council and to stop bothering our members, otherwise we tell you that we will act legally.


With the express reservation of all our legal rights, immediately after the expiration of the abstention of Lawyers and Bailiffs, a competent bailiff shall legally serve this document on the person to whom it is addressed for information and for the legal consequences copy this entire document in the report of its service .


Athens 12.02.16

The extrajudicial protestors








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