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The practice of charity is more than the voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act.

Charity Is a masonic obligation 

In Greece, the largest Masonic Charity organisation is the

" Masonic Foundation of Greece".The board of directors of the Foundation are the officers of the Grand Lodge of Greece.The Supreme Council has decided to support the Charity and humanitarian activities of the Masonic Foundation of Greece donating, participating in the activities and encouraging the members of AASR to support the Foundation.

The  Ambassador of Charity 

The Supreme Council 33º AASR for Greece has appointed Ill. Brother Nikolaos Papagiannidis, 33º, Grand Almoner of the Grand Lodge of Greece and member of the board of the "Masonic Foundation of Greece." , as The  Ambassador of Charity of the Supreme Council at International level.

Photos of  the annual Charity Night  of the Masonic Foundation 

Sov. Gr.Commander  Raphael de Sigoura 

The Video of the Charity Night, December 2015

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